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Walnut - Material Sample - 3"x 5"
  • Walnut - Material Sample - 3"x 5"


    Hardwood material samples are offered in various standard species with a variety of finish options. Typical sheen is satin. If your desired species or finish is not offered here, please reach out for a custom sample.


    Material samples are approximately 3" Wide by 5" Long by 1/2" Thick.

    5 faces are finished, with back left unfinished.

    Each sample will be branded 'Work At Hand' with the species name and finish type noted.




    - Blonde Walnut

    - Bleached Carbon Walnut Light

    - Bleached Carbon Walnut Dark

    - Black Tinted Walnut

    - Oiled Walnut


    • Quality & Lead Time

      Samples may vary in appearance, grain quality, and color.

      Please note that the images here show a Saitn Polyurethane finsih.

      The Water-Based Finish will not amber the wood.


      Samples ship same week, if a stock is noted.

      Samples take 2-3 weeks to ship, if not in stock.

      Inquire for sample availability or to place a rushed order.

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